Is that even possible?

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Baking without the use of eggs? Is that even possible? Well, The Post Punk Kitchen says that it is. Here, I’ll list a ton of resources that I’ll be looking at to figure out how to make my recipes vegan in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, it’ll help you out, too

Vegan Baking Resources

What does a vegan eat?
Savvy Vegetarian teaches you how to substitute for eggs, milk, and butter. gives you ten tips on how to bake vegan.
Post Punk Kitchen Helps with egg, milk and butter substitutions.


Vegan Baking Recipe Collections

From FatFree Vegan Kitchen: Breakfast and Breads OR Desserts and Fruits.
VeganYumYum’s Favorite Vegan Recipes
Veg Web: Breads, Desserts or Raw Foods, which I’ll be checking out a lot of! lists Vegan Cookie Recipes
Here is a phenomenal list of Vegan Cookies from Squidoo


Vegan Baking Blogs

Vegan Cupcakes
Have Cake Will Travel
A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise
Vegan Cookies
FatFree Vegan Kitchen

Want to see some delicious Vegan Baked Goods?? CLICK HERE. oMIGOShh..

Hope this helps some of you! I’ll be updating this list and adding a page to list all the Vegan resources that I find.

Happy Baking, Folks!


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Cakeoff Results Doughnuts by request

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