Ahimsa is the new black.

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Firstly – If you’re looking for a great place to get your Veg/Vegan updates from time to time, definitly check out VegNews. It’s a great resource for all things Veggie as well as a good place to kill some time if you’re of the herbivorous persuasion.

Secondly – I want to introduce you all to this wonderful concept of Ahimsa. This concept is why I am vegetarian and animal loving. Ahimsa recognizes the importance of abstaining from violence towards creatures of all types. It’s a Buddhist value that Ghandi practiced and promoted.

This love and respect for living things is something that all people can understand and recognize the importance of. We need to respect this planet that we come from and the inhabitants thereof. I know that I owe my life to the energy that BEGAN life on this planet. Without that simple spark, or whatever you want to call it, life would not exist here. Honestly, no matter what your faith is, whether you believe that God (or Goddess) created man, or you believe that the life that exists is simply a coincidence, you must admit that if it weren’t for the eternal and universal existence of energy  (kinetic, biological, spirtual, what have you) we could not have been created or evolved. We owe it to something that we were able to have been born and grow and love. And moreover, growing up in a country such as this at a time such as this, we should be even more grateful.

Like the mothers of half a century ago said, “There are starving children in Africa!” And so there are, but it’s not just Africa anymore. Starvation and hunger and death has spread. We are not doing much to help them when we don’t even help ourselves. We are addicted to meat. That meat is grown and raised using grains (about 70% of the grains that we grow in this country goes straight towards feeding stock and farm animals) and those grains could be shared, or sold even, to another country to feed their poor and hungry. Instead, we use it here, to promote meat eating and prolong the torture of animals. The concept of Ahimsa is one that does not promote the violence towards animals that is so commonplace in this country.

This concept goes far beyond the fact that we should not be eating animals. It also recognizes that we should do our best to actively promot the health and well-being of animals. After all, the same energy that courses through us also courses through them. The same energy that we owe our life to, created them. They are, in essence, our brothers and sisters.

Humans are the stewards of this planet. It is our responsibility to protect it, even if we have to protect it from ourselves. We can see, plain and clear as day, that we are running the resources on this planet very low. Soon, we will run out of the natural resources that we have used mindlessly. It’s only a matter of time before we have used all of our fossil fuels, the energy that is stored in the earth. We need to protect this planet, because it’s our home. You wouldn’t leave your door unlocked, so why would you burn holes in our ozone layer? You wouldn’t let someone come in and steal things from your home, so why are we mindlessly using fossil fuels like we own them? We do not own life or energy. We are here on Earth, and as the beings with the most brainpower among its inhabitants, it is and should  be our responsibility to protect and preserve life on this planet. Instead, we eat life, we torure it and trade it like it’s gold or diamonds, like it has no life, no feelings. It’s my personal belief that if something can feel pain, then we should do our best to make sure that it never has to. We do not want our children to suffer, but we do not give that same courtesy to the animals on this earth…

Aaaaand, I’m finished preaching. You may return to your lives now. And if you don’t think I’m crazy, you can come back to this blog someday. 😀


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