Weekly Roundup!

March 7, 2009 at 12:19 am Leave a comment

untitled-1-copyThis Week: Petit Fours
From left to right, top to bottom, we have…
A Petit Four tray, Petit Four Glace, Opera Cakes and Battenburg Cakes
Again, any recipes can be requested by posting a comment on this post.

Some more good news from this week:
My boss, Ellen Mitchel, is the head of the Green Committee at the Texas Culinary Academy. At TCA, we make alot of waste. I expressed my feelings to Ellen about all of our waste and it really seems like we’re really going to be able to make a difference. We’re starting a composte pile, a recycling system and I’m arranging to have all of our product donated at the end of the day. We make a lot of food that we just throw away, why not give it to people who need it. There are plenty of people in Austin who are starving! We have a large homeless population. Meanwhile, all of the students at TCA are paying $30K a year to attend and all of our product is getting tossed each day. We are the priveledged and we’re simply eating up a good portion of produce and other supplies with out any benefit besides getting the education of how to cook it. It’s like an artist that creates and simply throws it away afterwards.
I’ll be updating as time goes on… I hope that in the next week we’ll be able to make some headway with the Green efforts at TCA. I want to make the school known for its recycling and its effort to be as helpful to the community as possible.


As a vegetarian that is concerned with the ethics of eating meat products, I wonder what happens to the dairy cows that give me the milk I drink (or at least I used to, before I started just drinking Soymilk..) One concern that I have is that kids are taught that these cows live to “give” us milk. They want us to believe that these cows line up to be pumped full of hormones to increase their milk production just so that we can suck them dry three times a day for our own enjoyment. These cows are raised and kept for the sole purpose of producing milk. The truth is bonechilling.



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