BP: Fruit Tart

January 13, 2009 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment

Today we made… Fruit Tarts. Chef says: If you put fruit on it, they will come!

January is the worst time for Pastry chefs. People are all on diets after the first of the year, so they’ll pass over the pastry quicker than imaginable. BUT, if you put fruit on it, they’ll eat it. Seriously. Put some fruit on a Creme Brulee, and they’ll eat it, even though the Creme Brulee with the fruit has *more* calories than the Brulee without.


(Pate Sucree with a vanilla pastry cream filling and topped with fresh fruits.) Try this combination with different flavors… I’m thinking about making a chocolate Sucree and a caramel Pastry cream and topping it with banana or something.. Mmm.. I’m going to get soo fat.

Pate Sucree is the perfect dough for Christmas cookies since it holds its structure so well. Try this next Christmas Season instead of your sugar cookie recipe:

Pate Sucree-

7.5 oz Unsalted butter
3 oz Granulated Sugar
.06 oz Salt
.06 oz Lemon Zest
4 Drops Vanilla Extract
3 oz Eggs
12 oz Pastry flour

Creaming Method. Line your tart shell. Blind bake. Continue baking until golden brown after removing pie weights. Fill with desired pastry cream.


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