The End of DolceCakes – Beginning of f r e s h

I’m sorry to announce that I’ll not be writing on this blog anymore. I’ll be keeping up all of the posts for your viewing pleasure, but I will no longer be posting anything new.

Why? Well, my husband, I and a group of our friends have decided to come together and contribute to one blog. If you’re interested in a blog concerning Veganism/Vegetarianism/Yoga/Medidation/Spirituality/Philosophy/Clean Living then hop on over to our new baby  f r e s h . It’s new, but you can check back often and get some more news. I hope you enjoy!

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Vegan Shopping

Looking for a place to shop for some items to satisfy your health food cravings but you’re too lazy to get off of your butt or maybe too far away from the closest Whole Foods or maybe you’re just an internet nerd like me? Well, Ethical Planet is the place to go for you.

They’ve got everything from delicious vegan snacks to soy candles and recycled paper goods. Check it out! Maybe you’ll find something that you like. I’m gonna order these tonight.

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Pamela Anderson is a Chicken Lover!

My Bub recently came across this video. Pamela Anderson is leading a campaign against KFC. I don’t blame her. Chickens really have it bad in the factory farming world. If you like eating chicken, you should watch this video. You’ll never eat chicken again. It’s not what’s in the chicken, it’s what they do to them. If you realized exactly what kind of a life these animals live before they reached your plate, you’d realize that it is simply wrong to consume these animals and promote this behavior.

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Yellow Bird Project

Who doesn’t like giving? Seriously. I love to give gifts. I’m a HUGE fan of seeing the look on people’s faces when I’ve given something that they want/need/didn’t know that they wanted/needed. What’s even better is giving to charity. In the past couple of months I’ve found myself donating to causes that I found needed my support locally. But what about on a broader scale? I have a really neat way for us all to look stylish and also feel good about what we’re spending our money on.

Yellow Bird Project – Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Yellow Bird Project is a Montreal-based, non-profit initiative. We collaborate with musicians in designing a T-shirt, we print and sell them on our website, and all of the money we make goes to charity. Which charity? Each of the artists gets to choose their own. We have three fundamental aims:

1) To make money for charities directly through T-shirt sales.

2) To raise awareness for charity organizations through artists’ endorsement.

3) To raise the profile of the artists we like.


AND, it doesn’t help that they have some AWESOME teeshirt designs, some of them from my favourite musical artists. Here are some examples of the shirts they have available:
My Brightest Diamond – Road Recovery Charity

The Shins – Nature Conservancy

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Art for Change

Rilo Kiley – Free Arts for Abused Children

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Green Tees

I will honestly and proudly say that I have jumped on the bandwagon. Which one? The green one that runs on happiness and eco-friendly living. I’m trying to apply these prcincipals to every part of my life, paying attention to what I eat, what I buy and what I wear. I recently got a 100% Organic Cotton from my Bub that featured a design by Gavin Rosdale from Bush. It’s beautiful and it says “Preserve the Earth” and super soft to boot. I strongly suggest that everyone gets at least one of these tees. You’ll fall in love instantly. The fabric is soft and light and wonderful, plus, you can feel good about the impact you’re leaving on the planet by buying a tee shirt made from pesticide-free cotton.

Why is it important that we support pesticide free cotton? Cotton is America’s #1 crop, which means that it’s also the #1 pesticide hog. When we decide to support the organic way of growing this crop, we’re preserving this Earth that it grows on and protecting our water supply and the health of the land.

Here are some great sources for Eco-Friendly Fashions:
Threads for Thought
Etsy – Organic Cotton Clothing
American Apparel
White Apricot
Greenloop Clothing

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Earth Hour: 2009

I’m pretty sure that around 8:30pm on Saturday, my neighbors assumed that I didn’t pay my electric bill. From the outside, all you could see was my at my kitchen table, eating dinner alone next to a candle. My dinner was delicious, thanks for asking, and why candle light? Well, I wasn’t trying to get romantic with myself, by any means. You could say, however, that Mother Earth and I were on a little date. We celebrated Earth Hour together, her and I. I loved it, told  her that I’d call her soon.

But what IS Earth Hour, blog lady? I’ll tell ya! Earth Hour started out as an experiment in Sydney, Australia. The city voluntarily turned out their lights for one hour on March 31st, 2007 to see how much energy they could save and to see how many people are interested in saving it. The city went black the second that the hour started, and instead of everyone panicing or dreading it, each person that cooperated turned off their lights in celebration.  In 2008, it went global and major cities all over the world took part in Earth Hour. 50 Million people participated in Earth Hour 2008, and it’s guessed that even more people participated in 2009, this past Saturday.

I’m Robin from Austin, TX, and I Vote Earth!

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Google Black – Saving Energy

Recently, I found that there’s a feature on my Mozilla Firefox that allows me to turn the background of my Google page to black. The first thing that I thought: ick. I love the look of a clean, sleek white background. Unfortunately, so does my powerstrip. It takes about 74 watts for a computer screen to display a white background and that means that I’m sucking energy out of my powerstrip as though I’ve turned on another light.

I have my computer on all the time and most of the time I’m able to turn the monitor off or reduce the brightness. When I’m working, however, I can’t avoid the fact that I need my screen to be on. And when I’m working, I like to use the world wide web, via the internet phenom–— to do research. Considering how much each and every one of  us uses Google, it’s probably a good place to start trying to save money in the digital arena. I found this info at (Via, you guessed it,

Take at look at Google, who gets about 200 million queries a day. Let’s assume each query is displayed for about 10 seconds; that means Google is running for about 550,000 hours every day on some desktop. Assuming that users run Google in full screen mode, the shift to a black background [on a CRT monitor! mjo] will save a total of 15 (74-59) watts. That turns into a global savings of 8.3 Megawatt-hours per day, or about 3000 Megawatt-hours a year. Now take into account that about 25 percent of the monitors in the world are CRTs, and at 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, that’s $75,000, a goodly amount of energy and dollars for changing a few color codes.
That’s something to chew on.


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